Los Banos Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Los Banos Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
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Services Provided
   Los Banos Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides both physical therapy and rehabilitation services through our ancillary service providers. We strive to supply the highest quality, comprehensive therapy to our patients to regain strength and independence. Therapists and support staff are committed to ensure patients achieve the highest level of functioning and independence as quickly as possible, while embracing a holistic treatment approach. We offer a wide range of therapy options to residents.

   We recognize each patient as a person first. We integrate individual variables into our model of care. Consistent communication with patients, their families, and physicians is one of our most important tools for improving established outcomes.  
Services Provided
  • Utilization Management of long-term care services using an Interdisciplinary Team
  • Administration of programs that focus on clinical case needs and disease management
  • Coordination with seniors and their families to provide services that support independent living throughout the long-term continuum
  • Referral and placement of consumers Family Support Services
  • Advocacy for patients and families
  • Coordination of services in fragmented heath care systems
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy and Speed Language Pathology Services
  • Individual and group therapy treatments, tailored to meet each residentís needs
  • Re-training in daily activities
  • Orthopedic therapy driven by physician protocols
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Restoration of function, strength, and mobility
  • Education about eligibility and services to residents and their family
  • 24-hour nursing coverage
  • Wound care
  • Medically complex care
  • Comprehensive restorative program
  • Family support services
  • A wide variety of planned social and spiritual activities

Hospice Service
   Los Banos and Nursing Rehabilitation Center wants all our patients and their families to feel as comfortable as possible during this end-of-life journey. We impart compassion, kindness, comfort and support, while preserving dignity and individuality. We further understand the many complex priorities involved in this stage of life. We have a service alliance with several Hospice agencies. Their programs of care and support are based on their sacred call to serve the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of those with a life-limiting illness and their families.

   Through this service, we strive to provide comfort and companionship for the patient while affirming their dignity and honoring the patient and the family.  

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